Saturday, July 14, 2012

Laminating & BINGO Cards

Hoe many of you do activities at your school open house (after the kids get to meet their teachers, have food and play for a bit)?

I was looking for some scout themed games (particularily BINGO) that all ages can play and came across a scout themed one at

You can print multiples and a single "call list"

Their site was a great start for me.  However, I wanted to make cards that could be reused.  Sure I could have each of them laminated, or laminate them myself.  The site prints one card per page (8.5x11).

I tried copying them info word...DISASTER.

I decided to use my old friend excel for this project.  I now have a file of 48 different BINGO cards specific to cub scouts. (email me to get the file).

Here is a video of inexpensive laminating option for multiple things.

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